Vintage Handbag Vault Sale at Boise Dillard's

Let's talk about something. Have you ever gone into a store and seen the signs for a private sale or a specific area blocked off and wondered, "What is that like?" Or is that just a me thing because I am nosy? Well - I am here to give you the inside scoop on the Vintage Handbag Vault Sale that is going on right now in the Boise Dillard's. Wonder no more, my friends!

Boise Stylist

I was able to go have a private viewing and I was so impressed with the amazing condition the handbags are in. What Goes Around Comes Around promotes them as "previously owned luxury handbags that in most case were not previously used". And they had EVERYTHING like vintage Louis Vuitton duffles and totes, the limited edition rainbow print of LV, some fun Prada and Gucci too. I loved checking out all the bags.

Boise Fashion Blogger
Boise Stylist
Boise Fashion Blogger

What Goes Around Comes Around is the leading global purveyor of authentic luxury vintage accessories and apparel. Since 1993, the New York City Soho flagship has remained an industry staple, frequented by celebrities and tastemakers from around the world. With an additional flagship in Beverly Hills and outposts in Miami Beach and East Hampton, WGACA continues to elevate the vintage store to a high-fashion destination with their unique curated vision and concept.

WGACA’s expert buyers travel the globe to find the rarest and most desirable pieces in exceptional condition. Their quality standards are unrivaled in the industry and only matched by their dedication to authenticity. WGACA has internationally acclaimed collections of luxury houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès, as well as vintage denim, classic rock tees and one of a kind finds from some of the most coveted brands like Saint Laurent, Alaïa, Comme des Garçons and many more.

What Goes Around Comes Around
Dillard's Boise

If you are in the area - let me tell you how it works. Dillard's will be offering private viewings prior to opening the event up to the public, viewings started on July 20th. Customers can either call ahead to reserve an appointment or simply stop by the handbag department and ask an associate to escort them over to private viewing area.   Right now they are pre-selling handbags and as the handbags are pre-sold they will remove them from the floor and store them in a secured location - then you can pick them up on July 29th. 

If you want more information on a particular style or brand contact Dillard's via email at They will be happy to send over detailed photos of inside and outside of handbag along with photo of card of authenticity.  

Deidre Emme is Back in Business!

To say it has been awhile would be an understatement... in a BIG way! Going from blogging weekly, even daily sometimes, to basically disappearing - that is a skill, my friends. So where have I been? I have been... all over the place. 2017 has been one for the books. Here is a laundry list of what has happened:

  • I quit my full time event planning job.
  • I started my full time work from home job with SeneGence.
  • My team hit $1,000,000 in sales in 6 months. 
  • Adam retired from baseball.
  • We travelled to Cabo San Lucas, Texas, California, Utah, Oklahoma - and made plans for Florida, California again and again, Oklahoma again and again, Canada, and I am sure the list will keep growing!
  • We started our LLC.
  • Adam is working on his own business venture.
  • Deidre Emme turned from blog into full blown website.
  • We bought a lawn mower - real grown up things.

Seriously... this year has been OUT OF CONTROL! And I am loving it. So here I am, back with the newly improved Deidre Emme. A blogger's dream turned into a website. Now with a YouTube channel to add to the brand and a business. Things I never thought were possible are happening right in front of my eyes. And I cannot wait to share it all with you! My party peeps.

So stick around. Drop some love. And tell me what you want to see from Deidre Emme - and Skinny Mill when I can get him to come kick it with us - over the next few months. More style posts? More YouTube beauty tutorials? More Bachelor reviews? LET ME KNOW! I want to hear from you. 

Because guess what?! I am BACK! And man... does it feel good!