This business is CHANGING LIVES! I seriously mean that. From women being able to pay bills, take their family on trips, and cover the mortgage all the way to building confidence and relationships with people every day - I have heard it all. And you know what else? I have felt it! I can feel my quality of life going up every single day. And it is a GOOD feeling! I am the happiest I have been in a long time, and if someone can experience even a fraction of what I feel then I say JOIN US! The sisterhood is unreal, the products are out of this world, and the confidence I have gained is off the charts. Every day is better than the one before. This company is growing like crazy, so don't miss the boat!

Let's chat and get you in on this goodness!

SeneGence Products

We're more than just a long lasting lipstick company. We have a variety of products that WORK!


Our founder and CEO said it, "Our LipSense is good but our skincare is better!" AND SHE IS RIGHT! Our patent technology, that's right I said technology that helps regenerate skin cells 23% faster you will be loving your skin in no time! 



The older we get the less we love our skin thanks to fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other damage... well SeneGence has a variety of products to help with that! No more hating on that skin - refresh it with our SenePlex Complex!



By now you have probably heard all about LipSense - that is our bread and butter. But I want to tell you a little secret... our other cosmetics are JUST as good! Foundation, eye shadow, blush, highlighter - you name it, we have it! 


I am an expert window shopper. Come hang out with me at my favorite places to window shop! There might even be a deal or two that pops up while we browse together, so keep your eyes peeled.