Styled by 5: Lettie Boutique


It is officially time to start your holiday shopping! And since I know a lot of us, or maybe just me, do a little holiday shopping for ourselves or try to find the best deal to send to our loved ones I am helping you out with one of my favorite shops. Lettie is going to be offered a ton of awesome Black Friday deals, and coincidentally they are the featured Styled by 5 shop this month.

So before I get into how I styled this one - I want to talk about Black Friday deals at Lettie... because I love a good sale. Lettie's entire store will be 20% off with the code BLACK20. There is free shipping on all orders, plus the first 50 orders will also get a free gift. And to top it all off there will be doorbusters, stocking stuffers, and some FLASH sales going on. The sale starts at 6am MST on Friday morning and will run through Monday. All of that sounds heart eyes to me. what about you!? Okay. Now to the outfit.

I wanted to add something else to this outfit - because it could very easily be paired with some wedges and a hat, but I wanted to winterize this floral dress. So I decided to pair it with a duster cardigan - aka, my newest obsession - tights and booties. That way in addition to seeing the dress on different bodies you can also see it for different weather types. And where I live, it is starting to cool off so I can only imagine others are a few steps behind and starting to pull out tights and cardigans.

Cardigan: Downeast
Tights: Costco
Booties: Francesca's 

Since we are all sharing the same piece on a different body type here is a reminder of my sizing – I am 5’9″ and I generally wear a 10/12 – 10 on a good day, 12 on a not good day… you understand, right? So I ordered this dress in a large. The dress was the perfect fit where I didn't feel like it was so snug but I didn't feel like it was overly large and drowning me. Plus, the arms had the perfect amount of room so putting my hands in my pockets did not feel constricting. Does that make sense? I love sharing my style with you, but I also want you to see clothing I style in other body types so you can find what is best for you. So feel free to check out how Kaylynn, Bethany, Jacque, and Lauryn styled this outfit as well! And watch for a new piece of clothing styled by 5 every month.

Comfy Week Nights and Weekends


No matter what I am up to, my friends always mention how busy I am and that I need to slow down. And you know what? Most of the time I agree with them. And because of that I am always looking for ways to unwind in comfort after a long week or even a long work day. My favorite way lately? Coming home, throwing my hair up, changing into some Cuddl Duds, and playing with the pup.

You all know about hair up and a cute pup, but have you heard of Cuddl Duds?! Oh man... if you don't you need to. They are the perfect layering apparel to live life in comfort. I have friends that layer them under their snow gear, some wear them for pajamas, and some wear them for busy errand days - because no matter what you will be living easy in comfort. I am all about swapping into them after a full day of office wear. Plus, they are light enough that as the weather cools off I can just toss on another layer or two. I am a big fan. #GoComfy with Cuddl Duds at Kohl’s for the latest styles and color choices! When you're comfortable, everything is possible.

This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds and Kohl’s, but my love to #GoComfy is all my own!
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